For the lack of a better term I am using “Mental Issue,” M.I. for short, as a blanket term to describe what we have and deal with on a daily basis. I want to use “Issue” because I don’t want to call it an “Illness.”

Illness, to me anyway, implies that it can be cured, it’s something that you caught and didn’t have before. It’s a part of us, it’s in our DNA, and it’s something we didn’t choose to have but something we live with on a daily basis.

When our M.I. kicks in it’s called “An Episode.” An Episode of what? Are we a sitcom or drama that people sit back and watch? While it may certainly feel this way for non M.I.s, for those of us going through said “episode” it feels more like a storm. Comes on with little to no warning. A lot of huffing and puffing, with loud crashes of thunder. For this reason I will refer to them as Storms and not “Episodes.”

By talking we can begin healing and understanding on both
sides. Ask questions and listen to the answers, don’t judge, don’t speak, just listen.

Friday, April 15, 2016


First off let me start this book with a disclaimer.  I do NOT, have a degree in anything, least of all psychology, but then again, I really don’t believe in most that do.
I say this because I’ve been challenged in the past about what gives me the right to give advice to people with depression, bipolar, or other mental issues.  That my advice is dangerous to them because I am not a psychologist.
Well, what gives you the right?  Just because you have a piece of paper that gives you a title?  Now I said MOST earlier because when speaking with those who have challenged me I ask, “Do you have depression, bipolar, or any other mental issues you treat?” Usually the answer is, “No.”
You use phrases like, I understand, I know what you’re going through, and I see but in actuality you do not.  How can you “understand” how I’m feeling if you’ve never felt it before?  How can you “know what I’m going through,” if you yourself have never been through it?  How can you “see” what I’m talking about if you’ve never experienced it?  Simply put, you can’t!  You can guess at it, but you will never know.
But you think you know better than me because you have a degree and I don’t.  Well all I can say to that is, would you mind if I wipe my ass with that piece of paper, cause to me that’s all it’s worth.
With that stated, all I have left to offer those who have these mental issues is my voice.  I can only speak to what I feel and what I have been through.  If you feel the same, have experienced what I have experienced, then by all means share my words.  I know the hardest thing to do is express how you feel to someone who has no idea how you feel.  My goal is to build a bridge between those two worlds and offer understanding to those who truly do not understand.
The following are things I have written when I have hit rock bottom.  These things remind me that I come from a bad place in my past and I escaped it.  I survived.
These short stories and poems remind me of where I have been and where I need to go.  While I may visit these bad memories I do not let them consume me.
These are my emotions, my experiences, my joys, my pains, my own words.  I hope you find them helpful.
I also hope by sharing my pain you will be inspired to share your pain with others.  I hope to have touched your life as you have touched mine.  Though we may have never met, your pain is my pain.  We are bonded together forever by our will to survive.
I would like to know what you think of this book.  If you wish to send a copy of this book to someone free of charge let me know.  All comments are welcomed.  It’s cool if you don’t respond but please pass this on to others.  Don’t let the chain end with you!
Max M. Power
NOT a psychologist

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